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Younique Product Reviews and Testimonials

Looking for reviews and testimonials from people who have tried the Younique products? Here are some actual reviews from our customers who have tried the various Younique products and their experience using the products. Have you used Younique and want to share with us your thoughts and experience? Shoot us an email with some sample pictures and tell us why you love the products and we’d be happy to share them here 🙂

Jacque Riehl Event Planner Wearing Younique 3d Fiber LashesPIN

Jacque Riehl Event Planner on Younique 3d Fiber Eyelashes

PRODUCT ALERT: New discovery that will make life so much easier, Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. No more fake eyelashes needed, this product is great! Wore it to an industry party last night and it made my eyelashes look as big as if I had fakes on, but WAY more natural and washed right off at the end of the night. I will be recommending this to ALL of my brides. HIGHLY recommended. – Jacque Riehl Event Planner

Younique 3d Fiber Lashes Review Testimonial PIN

Jessica Richards on Younique’s 3d Fiber Eyelashes

Wow LOVE Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. I just applied one coat and I had amazing results! So much better then the department store mascara claiming “3X Volume”. – Jessica Richards

Younique 3d Fiber Lashes Review and Testimonial PIN

Samantha Allred on 3d Fiber Eyelashes

I just wanted to say that I am 100% sold on this product. I will no longer be putting false lashes on my clients for shoots! Thanks to your husband, Dustin Izatt, for inviting me to the virtual party. 🙂 Thanks Tiffany!! – Samantha Allred of Simply Samantha Photography


Younique Testimonial by Younique by Tiffany PIN

“Hello Tiffany and Dustin! It’s Barbie, fellow photographer who purchased the 3D Fiber Lash. Just wanted to share a before and after and a little of my story. When I was 30, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. During my last few treatments of chemo, I lost my eyebrows and lashes. When they finally did return, I ended up with only about half of what I had before. I have since been in search of a mascara that would be easy to use daily or lash treatment that would “bring back” my lost lashes!!! After watching Dustin’s video….I thought that’s it! I gave it a try and I LOVE it! Thank You! the product applies easy, dries soft, and makes me hApPy!!!” Barbie Shewmake Photography

Younique 3D Lashes Testimony by Younique by Tiffany PIN

“I’m totally in love with this 3D mascara!! the eye on the right it’s just with my normal mascara (which I thought worked amazing untill I tried this) and the 1 on the left is with the 3D mascara. I’m seriously not one to advertise for something I don’t believe in, and certainly wouldn’t want my friends to have something that doesn’t work. This stuff works amazing, I love it and you will too…promise!!!”


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