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Motivation. Get moving

In the last year I have taken some classes, listened to some books, and worked on myself to be a better version of me. And I want to share one tool that has been amazing and helped me in my journey so far.

Vision board!

If you have watched, listened, read, or heard of The Secret it is all about seeing a vision of what you want/need and creating that vision to have it come true.

Go some more steps ahead and check out the Vision board creation tool through this link and make your own 🙂

So I have a Vision Board. It is filled with 9 images and words that I want to achieve and go and do. It is in my bedroom right next to my side of the bed so I see it many times of the day. It is a way for me to see my goals and dreams and work towards achieving them.

I have gotten many items/things/accomplishments off of my vision board and it is always exciting when I take others off because it makes room for all the other goals I want to achieve to go up on it.

So I challenge you. Make a vision board. And share it with me. Tell me when things start coming off. Think small and big. You can accomplish anything if you can see it and put your energy towards it.

Here is a photo of my vision board a few months ago. And six of these items I have accomplished. 🙂