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Lashes with our Magic Mascara

So by now you have heard of our amazing “Magic Mascara” that is called Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes, I often come across customers photos and presenters photos and all I can say is that the evidence fits the case! And Younique has mastered a new mascara for you to defy your own natural lash length with a safe alternative to lash extensions!

There are a few different ways for applications and I will explain each of the ones I know of
1- Just our 3D Fiber Lashes (start with a generous amount of transplanting gel-apply just like mascara, while that is still “wet” apply our natural green tea fibers to that lash-then apply a sealing coat of transplanting gel)
2- Start with a think coat of regular mascara and then apply our Magic mascara
3- Apply our 3D Fiber lashes and then apply your favorite mascara
4- Apply the 3D Fiber Lashes to the tips and bottoms of your eye lashes many coats
Do you know any other ways that you apply that is different than what I have listed?

If you have y purchased our Magic mascara you can through this link or you can click on the hi-lighted words through this post. 🙂