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July is for the Hostess!

Hosting a virtual party with Younique just got even better! Who knew that was even possible, but it’s true! Starting July 1st Hostess rewards will be based off of Party Points! Below I posted in detail why we are making the switch and what you can expect when hosting a virtual party with Younique.
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This July 1st we will be releasing a new version of our web sites with some cool new features. There will be an outline of those features in detail when the site is released but the largest of them are changes involving the Virtual Party platform. Instead of basing our hostess reward levels on dollars they will now be based on “party points”. This is done for a few reasons:

1. Very few party plan companies can support “cross-border” parties – meaning someone from Canada, or the UK, or another market cannot order from a U.S. party because the currencies are not the same, therefore the hostess rewards are based on entirely different charts. With a points system that is universal, a 3D Fiber Lash purchased by someone in the U.S. adds the same amount of party points as a set of 3D Fiber Lashes purchased by a Canadian and thus allows for a cross border parties.

2. By abstracting the party points from dollars this also allows us to reward party points for behaviors that are non purchase related, such as inviting a certain number of guests, or attaining a new party booking from a party guest, and because of these add party points to the party.

3. By using points instead of dollars we can choose to highlight a particular product or collection for a given month and inflate its party points for that month to encourage your hostesses to promote and customers to buy.

For these reasons and many more we are excited about this change. For the U.S. Presenters the change should be fair seamless because the party points are easy math from the retail price. In nearly all cases it is simply 10 times the retail price. So a $29 3D Fiber Lash set is 290 Party points. The site has been modified to show party points on the product detail pages and when the items are in the cart so it should be very easy to follow. Canadians pay their currency’s retail price but the item still adds the same amount of party points.

The scoreboard as you know it now will be hidden unless you are the Presenter or Hostess and then it shows when you are logged in. Other guests will not see the scoreboard but will see a simple “dial” that goes left to right showing progress to a 1,000 party and they see the FB images of those who have contributed to the party but no direct correlation to orders or amounts. And furthermore, if the hostess and the Presenter are the only ones who have ordered from a party we do not show the party contributors until at least one guest has ordered.


Are Points equal to the amount of Younique Cash the hostess will receive?
Points do not become cash. Here is an example: If your party hits 5000 party points but $492 in sales then your hostess gets 3 half-priced items but the Younique cash is 14% of the $492 not anything with points. Does that make sense? Points help reward level qualifications but not younique cash calculation. Although if the points push you into a new bracket then you get a higher percentage of cash.

Are all items available with the “Party Points”? If I have 2 half priced items and $50 YC do I still get it?
The party points only determine which hostess reward range the party winds up in and therefore what % of Younique cash the hostess gets and how many half-priced items she gets. Redemption of your half-priced items and spending your Younique cash is not changing, so yes, you can still use your younique cash on all commissionable items but not non-commissionable items like business supply items.

If I have 2 half priced items and $50 YC do I still get it?
Absolutely. Nothing is changing with the credit side of thing. All of your Younique cash and half-priced items will not only remain but will function the exact same. It is only the party qualifications that is being switched to a points system.