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Introducing Younique Presenter Andrea

  I want to start off my 2 Year Youniqueiversary with the start of a tradition I will start doing J I want to introduce you to my team one at a time. My first introduction is Andrea who is still with me after all this time. Andrea Smith GREEN Presenter number 352 Joined March 1, 2015 Family life: Husband of 11 years Michael Smith, 10 year old daughter, and 6 year old son. Funny story-she only dated her husband for 15 days before the got married!! I know Andrea through makeup mostly but we also attended the same high school where she remembers Dustin and I always in the hall making out, but we didn’t know each other till about 2 years ago when she started seeing my posts from Facebook of all my #selfie’s and wanted to try the mascara. I was doing an event with my upline Marie Nielsen in Bountiful and she wanted to come and buy the mascara. I wasn’t able to be there at the event but my supportive husband Dustin was there and talked her into signing up and getting the kit with the business for just $99 because heck the mascara came in the kit. She came home and told her husband that she signed up and didn’t really know what it was all about but she was excited for the MASCARA 🙂 He asked her why she signed up because she doesn’t even wear makeup but he went along with it because just maybe this would take over the candy bouquets that she was doing, after a little while he looked into the company and saw the opportunity that was available and the income that could be made. Her first impression of the company was when she got a call from the Co-Founder of Younique Melanie, and she was able to talk to her on the phone and with Melanie taking time out of her schedule to give her a personal call. She was also really excited when she learned about our Fast Start program where you can earn $250 in FREE makeup from Younique and was determined to make that goal. (and of course she made the goal!) I love when she said “I’m glad I stuck it out, I know I wouldn’t be doing anything better than this.” It has been amazing to see her grow and become who she is today. She gained personal confidence and lasting friendships- Personal confidence: I was never very confident because I didn’t feel beautiful. I had crooked teeth till I was 18 and then I was old enough to pay for braces. When I would laugh, smile or even talking I would hide my mouth, which gave me confidence issues through my life. After I started Younique and my teeth were pretty I slowly learned how to apply the makeup and it made me see that I was beautiful. Some days I would get up and I wouldn’t do anything and I wouldn’t do anything and I am now confident to talk to people, when before I was scared to walk to my mail box without any makeup on and I have gained a new level of confidence. Priceless tip – important to remember that you are always going to have times where you don’t think that every effort you are putting into it is worth it but I have seen how this company has changed other people lives and to me that is completely priceless. I see people who work so hard and have nothing when they started and now they have the ability to provide and make ends meet plus some. I want to change women’s lives and some days I don’t see the end results but the best thing is to tell people don’t give up because if you give up you are going to regret that. You have to put money in to become successful it is only a $99 initial investment and what you get with the presenters kit is totally worth that much plus so much more. Make it happen! With the right attitude and staying positive you can do anything! All in gods timing Vision for 5 years: I will be at black status and I will be making a steady extra income for my family every month. I will bring leaders in her down line to the top and change their life. She is planning for her kids future, education, family vacations, and money to bless other people. Right now my commissions are going to buying coats for kids. Foster Care Foundation, Childhood Stroke Awareness, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy are dear to her heart Check out her website “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” –Buddha