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Featured Younique Presenter!! ME!!! :)

I just want to share with all of you the Presenter Spotlight about me when I got featured so you can know a little more about me and how I started in Younique!
Every Wednesday you will get an inside peek into our Younique Family. I will write a brief spotlight about one of our Presenters so that you can get to know some of these amazing people! (written by Younique Co-founder – Melanie Huscroft)

I introduce to you – Tiffany Izatt, Younique Founding Presenter #218

Tiffany Izatt joined the Younique family on December 12, 2012. Her husband, Dustin, signed her up without her permission and came home with some 3D Fiber Lashes and said, “I signed you up to a Younique Presenter!” He was very enthusiastic and excited for her to get started. Unfortuntely, Tiffany didn’t share the same excitement and was bothered that he signed her up without her consent. Dustin was introduced to Younique through a fellow photographer and friend, Marie Nielsen (Presenter #5). Dustin started working the business a little bit without much help from Tiffany and even decided to make a video to help promote Tiffany’s new business:

Tiffany didn’t really do anything with her Younique Presentership for nearly two months. Then she heard something about a Fast-Start Program where you could earn Younique cash for selling $2K and recruiting three new Presenters. Something clicked in Tiffany and she thought, “I’m going to do this!” A fire was lit in her and she personally sponsored 10 people before the deadline to earn her Fast-Start! She has been on fire every since! She now has 43 people on her team, personally sponsoring 23 people since then. One of her greatest joys from building her team is seeing how it changes their lives, especially their confidence and belief in themselves.

Tiffany is a wife and mother to four children – ages 11 (girl), 9 (girl), 6 (boy), and 3 (boy). She and her family live in Layton, Utah, where she has lived since the age of three. Both her parents and her inlaws live in the same town, infact, her kids can simply walk to grandma’s house whenever they want. She is youngest of eight kids. She met her husband, Dustin, in High School, at a friend’s house while she was getting getting dolled up for a H.S. Homecoming Dance. Dustin saw her and and asked her to go out on a date for the same evening after she was back from Homecoming with another guy. Dustin sounds pretty sly to me.  They are polar opposites in nearly every way. Dustin is softhearted, wears his emotions on his sleeve, flies by the seat of his pants most the time, and is candid and fun. Tiffany is driven, goal-oriented, head strong, and rules the roost!… and Dustin is totally okay with this arrangement – and it’s working well for them. 

Tiffany’s long-term Younique goals involve owning a huge house and throwing huge parties with her downline in that huge house (that her Younique earnings paid for)! She speaks of this vision with clarity and conviction. I think I may have to invite myself to these massive parties in her massive house! Can I crash the party, Tiff? Her favorite Younique products are a dead tie between the pigments and the 3D Fiber Lashes. She loves experimenting and trying new color combinations. In her free time, she loves exercising, camping, hiking, and shopping! If she had an afternoon to herself she would get a group of friends together, drive up to Park City, Utah, and go hiking. She grew up hunting, shooting, white water rafting, swimming, and all things outdoors with her four older brothers and her three older sisters.

Some traits that I personally appreciate in Tiffany is her confidence in herself, confidence in others, and her honesty. Her close friends know that they can always expect 100% loyalty and 100% honesty from Tiffany 100% of the time. You can support Tiffany in her Younique business by viewing and purchasing product from her personal Younique website here –

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    Kayla - Amazing! So i just started selling. My question is do i just have to sell atleast $125 every 3 months to stay active. Are do i have to have 3 people join under me too and sell $125 eveey 3 months. Im struggling at getting 3 people to join under me 🙁 And im afraid i will have to start all over! Any tipsReplyCancel

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